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2X  Best Selling Author
Minette the Energist


The brave raw courage of the internationally bestselling authors featured in “A New Day Dawns: Breaking Up with Abuse” will give you strength. Ask new questions today, ask for new choices. What if the impossible was possible? Witness this. Authors Dr. Lisa Cooney, Sara Flowers, Linda Wasil, Svava Brooks, Erica Glessing, Grace Hart, Kaarin alisa, Andrew Rigg, Betsy McLoughlin, Melanie Meade, Wendy Terry, Heather Bell, Chelsea Gibson, Margriet Emerick, Jeneen Yungwirth, Denise Dominguez, Susan Ball, Karey Keith, Becky Herdt and Minette the Energist share wisdom and ask questions that could guide you into a new future -- healing and free from abusive relationships. Are you ready to break up with abuse? Is a new life possible you had not even believed you could experience?

A New Day Dawns: Breaking Up with Abuse - Signed Paperback

SKU: ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0996171267
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