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Dr. Minette "The Energist" & Founder of LVEC, is an International best selling author, Transformational Empowerment Speaker ,Reality Expander, Quantum Consciousness Facilitator and Energy Coach/Healer.  She has dedicated her life to assisting people in gaining clarity and shifting the energies that are holding them back from creating the life, business, relationships and realities they truly desire. A life filled with more joy, love, prosperity and receiving of ALL the gifts we possess inside.


Dr Minette Is Helping people To Tap into Their Full Potential With Ease!

My Story

My life's journey has allowed me to work with, train, and learn from some of the greatest healing, transformational,  empowerment and spiritual teachers on the planet.

This courageous journey of self love has allowed me to create a unique and powerful toolbox filled with remarkable healing and transformative  tools that have facilitated my own healing from a traumatic childhood and an accident that almost left me paralyzed.

I've been honored to share this Energy toolbox with thousands of people to guide them to expand and shift their lives from ''Survival to Thrival.''  When we clear the limiting beliefs, programs and energies that are keeping us stuck we expand our reality to new dimensions of receiving, thriving and truly living.  Become the creator of your reality and step into the infinite today.

Access The Treasures in the Energy Toolbox with A Personalized Session Today


Dr. Minette, the Energist, invites you to discover your limitless potential. As a Master NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, and a mastery of many other energy healing modalities, she offers personalized sessions to help you unlock your inner wisdom. Whether your goal is personal growth, emotional healing, business development, or transformation, Dr. Minette can guide you on your pathway to a brighter, more vibrant future. 


After a session with Dr. Minette, you could experience profound shifts in your mindset, emotional well-being, and energy. You may uncover hidden wisdoms within yourself, gaining clarity, balance, and renewed vitality to lead a more fulfilling life.

Book a personalized session with Dr. Minette, and step into an expansive, more energized future today!

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